Duke of Uzès & Provençal Gard


Provençal Gard

Duché d'Uzès Gard Provençal
Duché d'Uzès Gard Provençal
Duché d'Uzès Gard Provençal
Since few years you probably have heard talking of two regions, Languedoc Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées. However, Occitanie is the new name we give to these two regions merged in 2016.
Occitanie is the region next to Provence. Uzès is in the south Occitanie part of the department Gard, at the border with Provence. For this reason, here we are in the Gard Provençal.
When we say Provence, you probably think to the infinite fields of lavender as the ones of Valensole. The Gard Provençal has its fields of lavender and more. Fields of wheat, sunflowers, olive trees and vineyards design our landscape together with the fields of lavender. We also have the truffle, a precious gift of our region.
The south Occitanie have sun most time of the year. Here you can regenerate your spirit and go for a mountain bike ride or simply a trek at the vallée de l’Eure.
The Gard Provençal is not only about nature but also about history. You will discover les Pays d’Uzès remarkable for their typical architecture.
Uzès is the first of all the villages and is categorized as ville d’art et d’histoire as it almost missed the industrial revolution and preserved its full authenticity.


The Duke of Uzès

Duché d'Uzès Gard Provençal
We adore walking in Uzès. Every walk is a new discovery. There are many sites to visit and each season has its charm. The best way to visit the village is always by getting lost around the little passages. There you will find the best of Uzès and its personality. Handcraft boutiques, art galleries, cosy restaurants and few hidden tea houses will delight your time and leave beautiful memories.

As we wish you to make your days memorable in Uzès, we thought to leave few personal advices…

What should you visit at the Duke of Uzès?

The Cathedral of Saint-Théodorit in Uzès and its tower named Fenestrelle are recognized as historical national monuments, they are a must to see in Uzès. The Fenestrelle tower reminds the tower of Pisa for its incline but here less tourists and a provençal weather will please your visit in a different way.
Then, have a walk around the Medieval garden of Uzès, a little botanic garden close to the duke building. There you can stop, relax and have a tea break.
Of course, Uzès is the first duke of France and you cannot leave the town without walking around the duke’s building. Please consider you can visit his residence if you have enough time!
Another lovely corner of Uzès is the place aux herbes remarkable for its fountain and open space shaded by its plane trees. We highly advise to go there late afternoon and have a fruit juice and a provençal tartine at the restaurant “Le Terroirs”. Summertime is the right time to sit and have a dinner with calm, and if it is the first time in Uzès for you, the provençal environment will make you feeling the wish of coming back someday.
Place aux herbes is also place of the most beautiful market of Occitanie each Wednesday and Saturday of the week each time of the year. There you will find the specialties of the region, spices, local fabrics, tools in olives wood and any kind of honey locally cultivated.
Eventually, if you appreciate the atypic places, you will love to visit the antique trade boutique at 30 boulevard Charles Gide, Uzès. This place is original for the presence of a restaurant named Villa Curti at the end of the boutique.

And…What should you do in Uzès?

Uzès is not only a place to visit but also to live directly with all its festivals and events! Stay connected with the news when you are in Uzès! Wine events, fêtes votives, “le nuits d’Uzès”, festivals and expositions will make you living an unforgettable time in Uzès.
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Duché d'Uzès Gard Provençal
Duché d'Uzès Gard Provençal
Duché d'Uzès Gard Provençal
Duché d'Uzès Gard Provençal
Duché d'Uzès Gard Provençal

The best of gard PROVENÇAL and more

Top 5 excursions Uzès and Gard Provençal

Le Mas Blanc Uzès is a great place not only to relax and regenarate but also to explore the surroundings of our region. These are the best excursions you should do during your stay in Uzès…

Pays d’Uzès

Uzès, Lussan, Saint Quentin La Poterie et La Bastide d’Engras are the most beautiful villages of the area of Le Pays d’Uzès. They are a must to visit during your stay for their history and architecture typical of the region. These towns are rather villages and ideal for a half or a day trip.

Pont du Gard and Castillon du Gard

Close to Uzès, the Pont du Gard is the monument most representative of the department Gard. It is a Roman aqueduct built the first century AD and recognized as UNESCO World Heritage. The site is beautiful not only for a tour visit but also to practice sport. Canoeing the Gardon, the river crossed by the monument and mountain biking the hills around the site can be a great experience.
Close to Pont du Gard there is Castillon du Gard, a small village typical of the region. A beautiful town with good restaurants to have dinner. Castillon du Gard can be a nice way to complete a day visit started with the tour at the Roman aqueduct.

Haribo Museum in Uzès

As you probably read, Le Mas Blanc Uzès belonged to our family since Paul Aubresby, creator of the licorice brand Zan (today Haribo), bought the farm in the 18th century.
The village of Uzès since then has preserved a small factory and museum of candies. We advise you to go there and visit the museum!
During the visit they will tell you about the history of Zan and they will show you few machines for the production of candies. Most important for kids and adults, you will find a shop Haribo where to buy candies, some of these are coming directly out of the factory for a real candy experience.

Les Concluses de Lussan

For those loving nature and adventure, Les Concluses de Lussan are a perfect place for a trek. A natural environment of a canyon with typical provençal nature offers treks of different difficulty.
For those more adventurous you may see yourself swimming in the water of the canyon and climbing rocks to see the finish of your trek in a typical field of lavender. A fantastic way to fulfill a half to a full day of sport in the nature.
The end of the day can be spent at sunset time to quickly visit Lussan and enjoy the view from the top of its hill.

Bambouseraie d’Anduze

This botanic garden is classified as one of the most beautiful gardens of France and it is unique in Europe. This garden has an incredible variety of bamboos from all the continents, plants and rare flowers too. The botanic garden had its beginning mid 19th century and since then was enriched of plants to become the garden we see today. A real miracle of nature.

And more…Nîmes, Avignon, Aigues-Mortes and Grau du Roi

We gave you the top five unique excursions. What’s more? We believe the region has more to offer. We will then share three cities you must visit and a final advice for the sea lovers.
Nîmes is the main city of the department Gard and it is Roman history makes the city rich of monuments such as the arena still intact and protagonist of Corridas, concerts and other events. You must visit the maison carrée and go for a walk at the jardins de la fontaine to discover the temple of Diane and the tour Magne. Nimes is famous for its feria, a two times a year event accompaining the corrida that see the full town in streets having fun.
Avignon belongs to the region Provence and it’s remarkable for its history with the palace of popes recognized as UNESCO World Heritage and its bridge. The main event of the year is the festival des arts du spectacle, a famous cultural and artistic event.
Aigues-Mortes is a typical medieval town still preserving his walls intact. A beautiful old town rich of history.
As promised, our advice for those who cannot spend their holiday without enjoying a day by the sea, we advise to go at Le Grau du Roi, a nice sea location just about one hour from our Mas.

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